The Summer Of Stone fruit

Christmas and summer in Townsville is also about stone fruit, and Lambert's range of Summer fruit is ripe, sweet and flavoursome. In-season produce like plums, peaches, nectarines, lychees and of course the go to in-season treat (and everyone's favourite) cherries.

Direct from the grower in Young NSW, Lamberts has a ten-year relationship with their cherry grower who delivers big, bold, sweet cherries (nothing smaller than 30mm) with some up to 34mm + in diameter. While we all await the food splendour that is the festive season, the thought of rummaging through shopping centres for hours on end and fighting off hoards of people while looking for the very best for the hungry brood can dampen one's festive cheer just slightly.

We provide a casual shopping experience where staff will help with your groceries with a smile and you will know that you have the best in fresh to put on the table for your family feast. 

We have a wide customer base comprising of: Restaurants, Cafe’s, Clubs, Business, Hotels, Schools and Daycare Centers, Offices.

It is our intention to continue providing a wide range of produce to our growing customer-base, whilst maintaining a strong reputation for quality produce.


They're in peak season from November through April, which means now is the time to embrace these beauties for all their flavour and goodness as they are and in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Summer stone fruits are rich source of vitamins A, C and E and a good source of dietary fibre and potassium. 


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We are local, we love food and we are passionate about sourcing only the best quality produce from the best suppliers. By carefully sourcing the finest produce, we aim to inspire nutrient rich, delicious cooking for your friends and family, at only the best prices.

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Need inspiration? Need Season Mango Should Be On The Menu

Thai Prawn & Mango Salad



▢ 90 g / 3 oz dried vermicelli noodles
▢ 12 - 16 large cooked prawns , peeled (enough for 2 people)
▢  8 - 10 soft lettuce leaves
▢  1 medium mango , ripe, cut into 1.5 cm  pieces 
▢  1 medium avocado , cut into 1.5 cm pieces 
▢  1/4 red onion , finely diced

▢  2 1/2 tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce
▢  4 tbsp lime juice (or 2 1/2 tsp rice vinegar or cider vinegar)
▢  2 1/2 tbsp olive oil
▢  1 small garlic clove , minced
▢  1 1/2 tsp sugar
▢  Salt and pepper
▢  1 1/2 tbsp finely chopped coriander / cilantro

Soak vermicelli noodles in freshly boiled water, per packet directions. Drain then set aside to cool. Place Dressing ingredients except coriander in a bowl. Whisk well. Stir through coriander. Adjust salt and pepper to taste. Place avocado and mango in a bowl. Drizzle over 3 teaspoons of Dressing, GENTLY toss. Place 4 to 5 lettuce leaves on each plate, overlapping slightly ( sDivide the noodles between each plate. Then spoon over mango avocado salsa, sprinkle each plate all over with red onion and top with prawns. Drizzle over remaining Dressing all over everything, including the noodles. Serve immediately. 

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