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If you havent tried our chicken yet then we you will taste the difference immediately. 

All our chicken comes in fresh (NOT frozen), direct from Mareeba.

All of our 60 products are made here in our butcher shop daily.Our experienced butchers on site use traditionally butchery skills to bring your a diverse range of chicken products. Lambert's also stock a full range of fresh chicken and these are always crowd pleasers.

Chicken- Lamberts- Roast

Taste the fresh chicken difference...

Lamberts Fresh Produce employ fifteen butchers on site and also have an apprenticeship program to teach real traditional butchery skills. Need some recipe advice then just ask PRIMO (pictured here)

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Our Chicken products include:

and so much more in store..



Let chicken be the hero of your next meal..

Quality. Generally speaking, butcher meat is also fresher and higher quality than meat purchased at a supermarket. Rather than being pre-cut, pre-packaged, and laid out until someone decides to purchase it, butcher's meat is often cut right in front of the customer.

Whether you bake, roast, grill or fry, chicken is a super healthy protein, and no matter the form – wings, thigh, breast, or mince – it is a delicious meal for lunch or dinner.

Craving pasta? Check. Curry? Check. Drumsticks? Double checked! and prepared on the day. Come and grab some today.

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Founder image

Mr Webley "Chicken King"

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Founder image



Mr Webley (pictured) as he is affectionately known, is not seen in public often and is extremely camera shy so we can' t show you his face. Troy is our experienced head chicken butcher specialising in everything chicken. Years of experience has seen him crowned the "Chicken King" and rightly so.

So next time you are devouring one of our chicken kievs, eating a parmi or cooking up a enchilada you know who to thank.


Steggles Chickens are fed diets which have been specially formulated by our nutritionists to ensure that our chickens receive the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This promotes good physical health for the chickens and ensures we produce nutritious and tasty meat for your plate.

Our chicken feed is mostly made up of grains (including wheat, sorghum, barley), and protein meals like soybean meal. Legumes, canola and other oilseeds may also be used.

You will find NO CAGES on a Steggles Chicken or Turkey Farm or for that matter, on any meat chicken farm in Australia. Steggles chickens and turkeys are raised in large barns.

At Lamberts, we can assure consumers that our chickens are raised completely free from added hormones and steroids.

Our chicken is Halal. However, products which contain added crumbs or marinades may include ingredients which are not halal. 

Need any other questions answered? just ask Jules or Mick and they will be happy to help you out.


Matthew is our behind the scene chicken champion. An awesome team member in our chicken department.

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