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Lamberts Fresh Produce: Your Source for Premium Local Fruits and Vegetables

Lamberts Fresh Produce is your go-to destination for premium, locally sourced, fresh produce. We take pride in bringing the finest local fruits and vegetables to your table.We are local, we love food and we are passionate about sourcing only the best quality produce from the best suppliers. By carefully sourcing the finest produce from local farmers and Brisbane Markets, we aim to inspire nutrient rich, delicious cooking for your friends and family, at only the best prices.

Our Commitment:

  • Local Passion: We are deeply rooted in our community, driven by a genuine love for food.
  • Quality First: Our unwavering commitment is to source only the highest-quality produce from trusted suppliers.
  • Inspiring Culinary Excellence: With great care in selecting our produce, we aim to inspire nutritious and delightful cooking experiences for your loved ones, all while offering the best prices.

Stay in the Know: Be sure to follow us on Facebook to catch our exclusive weekly specials, announced every Tuesday and Thursday night. In-store, keep an eye out for our distinctive symbol, signifying your access to locally grown NQ produce, fresh from the farm.

Our Dedication: We take immense pride in the continuous positive feedback we receive from our customers regarding our produce and customer service. As part of our commitment, we are delighted to offer the Townsville community a Farmers Market experience every day of the week.

Experience the freshness, quality, and community spirit that define Lamberts Fresh Produce. Your journey to healthier, tastier meals begins here.”

Follow us on Facebook for our famous in season weekly specials (announced each Tuesday night) and be on the look out in store for this symbol for all of your local NQ-grown produce, direct from the farm.

We continue to receive positive feedback about our produce and customer service and we are proud to offer Townsville a Farmers Market every day of the week.


Mangoes Jules-Lamberts-staff-holding-pumpkin

Asian Style Mango Salad

20 Mins | Serves 4


When you choose to eat in season, you not only enjoy peak taste but also contribute to a healthier planet by reducing the carbon footprint associated with out-of-season produce. In the end you will eat more and spend less.

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