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Get ready to experience the refreshing taste of our juicy watermelons. Bursting with sweetness, each bite is like a splash of summer. Perfect for a hot day, you can enjoy them fresh, blended into a smoothie, or tossed in a fruit salad. For a fun twist, try making a watermelon sorbet – trust us, it’s a crowd-pleaser!

Picking the perfect watermelon can be a breeze with these simple tips. First, look for one that is heavy for its size; this indicates a high water content, making it juicy and sweet. Check the surface for a uniform shape without any bumps or dents. The colour should be dark green and dull, not shiny. A yellow field spot is a good sign – the deeper the yellow, the longer it was left to ripen on the vine. Finally, give it a tap; a ripe watermelon will produce a deep, hollow sound​​.

Slice them up for a quick snack or add them to a salad with feta and mint for a refreshing side dish. You can also blend them with a bit of lime juice for a cooling drink or freeze chunks to make delicious watermelon popsicles.

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Lamberts supports over 50 local growers from Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

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