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Get ready for a burst of flavour with our fresh tomatoes. They’re vibrant, juicy, and grown with utmost care. You can add these tomatoes to your salads or slice them for a simple bruschetta. For a quick, delicious meal, try them in a caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and basil.

Selecting the best tomatoes can be a breeze with a few tips. Look for tomatoes with deep, consistent colouring, and avoid any with green or yellow patches as they were likely picked before ripening. A ripe tomato should feel heavy for its size and give off a fragrant, earthy smell. Avoid tomatoes that feel too soft or have blemishes, as they might be overripe or damaged. For the best flavour, choose locally grown, vine-ripened tomatoes whenever possible.

Tomatoes are incredibly versatile and can enhance many dishes. Slice them for a fresh sandwich or dice them for a zesty salsa. Roasting tomatoes with olive oil and herbs brings out their natural sweetness and makes a perfect pasta sauce. You can also enjoy them in a hearty tomato soup or as a topping on homemade pizzas. Their vibrant flavour pairs well with various ingredients, making them a staple in any kitchen​.

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We are 100% family owned & run.

Lamberts supports over 50 local growers from Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

Over many years, Lamberts Produce have built up relationships with our growers which ensures that all have an understanding of the quality and freshness our Lamberts customers expect.