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Savour the fresh, slightly sweet taste of our spinach. These vibrant green leaves are tender and packed with nutrients, making them a versatile addition to any meal. Use it raw in salads for a crisp bite, or sauté it with garlic for a simple, delicious side. For a quick recipe, blend spinach into your morning health smoothie for an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

Look for leaves that are bright green and free from yellowing or wilting. The stems should be firm, and the leaves should be crisp and free from blemishes. Fresh spinach has a mild, earthy smell and should feel slightly moist but not wet. Avoid spinach with slimy spots or signs of decay, as these indicate it’s past its prime.

Spinach can be enjoyed in numerous delicious ways. For a quick and nutritious salad, toss spinach leaves with a light vinaigrette and your favourite toppings. Add a handful of fresh spinach to your morning omelette for a healthy twist. You can also stir spinach into soups and stews for added texture and flavour. For a warm side dish, sauté spinach with olive oil, garlic, and a sprinkle of sea salt until just wilted.

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