Paw Paw
Townsville's Favourite

Paw Paw

Paw paws are a tropical treat, bursting with a unique blend of flavours. Their creamy flesh tastes like a mix of mango and banana, making each bite a tropical escape. These fruits are grown in warm, sunny climates, harvested at peak ripeness to ensure maximum sweetness. You can enjoy them fresh, sliced into a fruit salad, or blended into smoothies. For a quick and delicious snack, try paw paw chunks with a squeeze of lime juice. For a refreshing treat, freeze the chunks and blend them into a sorbet.

Selecting the perfect paw paw is easy with a few tips. Look for fruits with a bright yellow skin and a slight softness when you press them gently. Avoid any with dark spots or bruises. A ripe paw paw will have a sweet, fruity aroma. If the fruit is green, it needs a bit more time to ripen. Place it on your kitchen counter for a few days until it turns yellow. Remember, the best paw paws are those that are plump and heavy for their size.

Paw paws are versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways. Start your day with a tropical breakfast by adding paw paw slices to yoghurt. For a quick and healthy dessert, drizzle honey over paw paw halves and sprinkle with your favourite nuts. You can also blend paw paw with coconut milk for a creamy smoothie. If you love baking, try adding paw paw to muffins or cakes for a fruity twist. Enjoying paw paw is easy and delicious, no matter how you choose to eat it.

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