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Discover the irresistible taste of our mangoes. Each bite is a burst of tropical sweetness, with a silky, juicy texture that’s simply unforgettable. Our mangoes are grown under the warm Australian sun, ensuring they’re packed with natural goodness. Perfect for a quick snack or as the star ingredient in a fresh mango salsa or smoothie.

Selecting the perfect mango is easy with a few simple tips. Look for mangoes with a vibrant, golden colour. The skin should be slightly soft to the touch, but not mushy. Give them a gentle squeeze. A ripe mango will yield a little under pressure. Smell the stem end. A ripe mango will have a sweet, fragrant aroma. Avoid mangoes with blemishes or dark spots. These tips will help you pick the freshest, tastiest mangoes every time.

There are countless ways to savour the deliciousness of mangoes. Slice them up and enjoy them on their own for a refreshing snack. Add diced mango to your salads for a tropical twist. Blend them into smoothies for a creamy, sweet drink. Use them in salsas to add a burst of sweetness to your savoury dishes. You can even grill mango slices for a unique and tasty dessert. However you choose to enjoy them, our mangoes are sure to make any dish special.

The best in Australian fresh produce

We are 100% family owned & run.

Lamberts supports over 50 local growers from Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

Over many years, Lamberts Produce have built up relationships with our growers which ensures that all have an understanding of the quality and freshness our Lamberts customers expect.