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Our lychees are little bursts of sweetness, straight from the sun-drenched orchards to your table. These tropical delights burst with juicy, fragrant flavour, a blend of sweet and floral notes. Perfect for summer days, they add a refreshing touch to any dish. Try them in a chilled lychee and mint smoothie or as a vibrant addition to your fruit salad. Each lychee is handpicked to ensure premium quality, so you get the best taste in every bite. Let our lychees transport you to a tropical paradise with every mouthful.

Selecting the perfect lychees is easy with these tips. Look for lychees with bright, pinkish-red skin. They should feel firm but give slightly under gentle pressure. Avoid any with brown spots or cracked skin, as these may be overripe. A fresh lychee has a sweet, floral aroma. Give it a sniff to check for freshness. If the lychees are still attached to the stem, even better. This means they are super fresh and will taste amazing. Happy picking!

There are endless ways to enjoy lychees. For a simple treat, peel and eat them fresh. Their natural sweetness makes them a delightful snack. You can also add them to your morning yoghurt or cereal for a tropical twist. Lychees pair wonderfully with seafood dishes, adding a unique, sweet contrast. Try them in a prawn and lychee stir-fry for a taste sensation. Or, blend lychees with ice and a splash of lime juice for a refreshing summer drink. Discover the versatility and irresistible taste of our lychees today!

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Lamberts supports over 50 local growers from Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

Over many years, Lamberts Produce have built up relationships with our growers which ensures that all have an understanding of the quality and freshness our Lamberts customers expect.