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Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of our fresh lettuce. Each leaf offers a delicate crunch and a mild, slightly sweet flavour that enhances any dish. Grown in nutrient-rich soil and harvested at the perfect time, our lettuce is perfect for a variety of meals. Use it as the base for a vibrant salad, layer it in sandwiches for added crunch, or wrap it around your favourite fillings for a healthy alternative to bread. For a quick and easy dish, try tossing chopped lettuce with a light vinaigrette and some cherry tomatoes.

Selecting the freshest lettuce is easy with these tips. Look for heads that are firm and tightly packed with crisp, vibrant green leaves. Avoid lettuce with wilted, slimy, or discoloured leaves, as these are signs of aging. The base should be clean and free from browning or drying. Smaller heads tend to be more tender and flavourful. Fresh lettuce should feel heavy for its size and have a fresh, earthy smell.

Lettuce is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in many delicious ways. For a simple and healthy side, chop lettuce and toss it with a light dressing and your favourite toppings. Use large, sturdy leaves as a wrap for your favourite proteins and veggies. You can also add shredded lettuce to tacos and sandwiches for a refreshing crunch. For a unique twist, try grilling romaine hearts for a smoky, charred flavour that pairs wonderfully with a creamy Caesar dressing​​.

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