Honeydew Melon
Townsville's Favourite

Honeydew Melon

Our honeydew melons are sweet and scrumptious. With a smooth, pale rind and juicy, green flesh, they’re a treat for your taste buds. Each bite is like a splash of summer, offering a sweet and refreshing flavour. You can enjoy honeydew melons fresh, in fruit salads, or even blended into smoothies.

When picking the best honeydew melon, start with the colour. Look for a creamy, pale yellow hue. This indicates ripeness. The skin should be smooth and slightly waxy. Give it a gentle press. A ripe honeydew will yield a little under pressure. Check the stem end. It should have a sweet, fragrant smell. Avoid melons with soft spots or a greenish tint. These signs mean they’re not yet ripe or are overripe.

There are so many ways to savour our honeydew melon. Enjoy it fresh, cut into cubes for a quick, hydrating snack. Add it to fruit salads for a pop of sweetness and colour. Blend it into a smoothie with a bit of mint for a refreshing drink. Pair it with prosciutto for a sweet and salty treat. You can even freeze the melon chunks for a cool, summer snack. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, our honeydew melon adds a sweet twist to any dish.

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