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Delve into the unique flavour of our fresh fennel. With a crisp texture and a sweet, slightly strong taste, fennel adds a refreshing twist to any dish. Grown in rich, fertile soil, our fennel is harvested at peak ripeness to ensure maximum flavour and nutrition. Use it raw in salads for a herby bite, or roast it to bring out its natural sweetness. For a quick recipe, try slicing fennel thin and tossing it with olive oil, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt for a vibrant salad.

Selecting the best fennel is easy with a few tips. Look for bulbs that are firm and white without any browning or splitting. The stalks should be green and crisp, while the fronds (the feathery leaves) should be fresh and bright green. Avoid fennel with wilted tops or discolouration. A good fennel bulb feels heavy for its size, indicating it’s fresh and juicy​.

Fennel can be enjoyed in many delightful ways. For a simple side dish, roast fennel slices with a bit of olive oil and your favourite herbs. You can also sauté fennel with garlic and onions for a flavourful base to soups and stews. Try adding raw fennel to salads for a crisp texture, or use it in a refreshing slaw. Fennel pairs wonderfully with citrus fruits, so consider adding orange segments and a light vinaigrette for a bright, zesty salad​​.

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