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With its dense, crunchy leaves and mild, slightly peppery flavour, our cabbage is a versatile addition to any meal. Grown in nutrient-rich soil, each head of cabbage is carefully harvested at its peak to ensure maximum flavour and quality. Whether you’re making a classic coleslaw, sautéing it with garlic, or adding it to soups, cabbage brings a delightful texture and taste to your dishes.

Selecting the perfect cabbage is simple with a few key tips. Look for heads that are heavy for their size, which indicates freshness and good moisture content. The leaves should be tight, firm, and crisp, with a vibrant green colour. Avoid cabbages with yellowing, wilted, or damaged leaves, as these are signs of age and poor quality. Smaller heads of cabbage tend to be sweeter and more tender, making them ideal for a variety of dishes​​.

Cabbage can be enjoyed in many delicious ways. For a simple and healthy dish, chop it up and toss it in a stir-fry with other vegetables and your favourite sauce. It’s also excellent when fermented into sauerkraut, adding a tangy crunch to your meals. For a hearty, warming dish, try braising cabbage with onions and a bit of bacon. You can even grill cabbage wedges for a smoky, charred flavour that pairs wonderfully with meats and other grilled vegetables​.

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