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Our blackberries are little bursts of pure delight. Grown with love and care, and they’re packed with flavour and goodness. Perfect in a fruit salad, on top of yoghurt, or simply on their own. Our blackberries are versatile and add a touch of magic to any dish. Whether you’re baking, blending, or snacking, they never disappoint.

When choosing blackberries, look for ones that are dark and glossy. They should be plump and firm, not mushy. Avoid any berries with signs of mould or leakage. A fresh blackberry will have a deep, rich colour and a slightly tart smell. Check the container for stains, which can be a sign of overripe or damaged fruit. The best blackberries are the ones that are in season. When they are ripe and fresh, they are the most flavourful. Remember, fresher is always better.

Blackberries are incredibly versatile. They are perfect for a quick, healthy snack or as a delightful addition to your favourite recipes. Sprinkle them over your morning cereal or yoghurt for a sweet start to the day. Blend them into smoothies for a burst of natural sweetness. They make a wonderful topping for pancakes or waffles. For a special treat, bake them into pies or muffins. You can even use them to make homemade jam. However you choose to enjoy them, our blackberries are sure to add a touch of joy to your meals.

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Lamberts supports over 50 local growers from Sunshine Coast to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

Over many years, Lamberts Produce have built up relationships with our growers which ensures that all have an understanding of the quality and freshness our Lamberts customers expect.