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Discover the rich, earthy flavour of our fresh artichokes. These green beauties are a treat for the taste buds, offering a unique blend of nuttiness and sweetness. Grown in nutrient-rich soil and harvested at peak ripeness, our artichokes are perfect for a variety of dishes. Try them steamed with a drizzle of lemon butter or grilled with a dash of olive oil. For a quick recipe, you can toss them into a salad or blend into a creamy dip.

Look for artichokes with tight, compact leaves that squeak when squeezed. The leaves should be vibrant green without browning or dryness. A heavy artichoke indicates it’s fresh and full of moisture. Don’t be put off by a bit of frost on the leaves; it actually enhances the flavour, giving a nuttier taste. Avoid artichokes with a dried-out stem, as this can indicate they are past their prime​.

Artichokes are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in numerous ways. For a classic preparation, steam them until tender and serve with a garlic aioli or lemon vinaigrette. For a gourmet touch, grill marinated artichoke halves until charred and smoky. They’re also delicious when incorporated into a creamy spinach and artichoke dip. Try adding artichoke hearts to pasta for an extra layer of flavour.

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