Beef is one of the complete protein foods you can eat because it contains all the amino acids required to complete protein building blocks. It makes it the most preferred choice of high-quality protein, but moderation is key to a healthy diet. When shopping for beef products:
Know the source
Shop from reliable and honest vendors
Check whether it’s fresh
Buy from cost-friendly vendors
As you shop for beef products, consider beef from grass-fed cattle because it’s healthier than other conventional sources. For this to be possible, know your sources well and stick to reliable meat vendors in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Here are the advantages of grass fed beef.

It Has a High Nutrition Value

Grass fed beef comes from cows that eat grass, while grain-fed cows usually supplement their diet with corn, soya, and other additives. Grain-fed cows can sometimes be given growth hormones and antibiotics to make them grow and fatten quickly.
The nutritional composition of 100 g of grass-fed raw beef serving contains:
Calories- 880
Proteins -19.4 g
Fat -12.7
Carbohydrates- 0 grams
Fibre – 0 grams
Sugar- 0 grams
Vitamins A and E
Vitamin B12 and B6
Grass-fed beef has fewer calories and less fat making it a healthier option. Its nutritional content is also relatively high compared to grain-fed beef. The meat contains five times more Omega-3 fatty acids than regular beef.

It is a Healthier Option

As mentioned earlier, Queensland grass fed beef is highly nutritious, has fewer calories and saturated fats. Because the cattle feed on grass, most of the fats are healthy, reducing inflammation and health conditions associated with saturated fats.
You can go ahead and enjoy your beef meal without feeling guilty or scared. It contains more meat, fewer calories and unhealthy fats.
Because it’s not easy to tell between grass-fed and grain-fed, stick to reliable vendors. If you are in Townsville QLD, Australia, check out Lamberts Fresh Produce, a market for the local farmers operating seven days a week.
The market is family-owned and ensures all the produce is freshly picked from the farms the previous day and on the shelves the next. You’ll get grass-fed beef at affordable prices.
Because meat from grass-fed cattle contains higher vitamins and iron, your body and cells can fight illnesses or damage, building a healthier body with more muscle and cartilage tissue. The meat is also high in antioxidants. You can quickly heal from injuries, muscle damage and broken bones when on a protein-rich diet.

The Meat is Heart-Friendly

The most significant concern for most meat users is the high cholesterol levels per serving, making many opt for white meats. Grass fed beef contains a significantly lower amount of saturated fats and can be compared to the fats found in skinless chicken.
It will keep your heart healthy and cholesterol levels at an all-time low. Because the meat is lean, you also keep your body weight down. You’ll also control high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

You Can Prevent Some Diseases

Grass-fed beef contains at least five times more Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional beef. The Omega-3 fatty acids prevent and treat illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and eczema. The antioxidants in the meats can prevent cell damage that leads to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Because the beef contains all the amino acids needed to complete protein building blocks, you retain a high muscle mass and prevent sarcopenia, which develops from protein deficiency.
Queensland grass fed beef also contains high iron levels. It prevents anaemia which occurs when red blood cells decrease, reducing the capacity to transport oxygen to all organs. Grass-fed meat contains high levels of iron, specifically heme iron that the body absorbs quickly.
Additionally, the iron found in beef enables the body to absorb plant-based iron. Meat supplements, specifically grass-fed meat, might be all you need to meet your iron levels keeping iron tablets away.

Improved Performance When Exercising

Townsville farmers market beef contains high levels of beta-alanine, an amino acid that enables the body to create carnosine. Carnosine is critical for muscle function and increases your performance and capacity while in high-intensity routines. High levels of carnosine reduce fatigue and muscle damage.

It’s a Safer Option

Grain-fed cattle usually take hormones, antibiotics and other supplements to make them grow faster and fatten. These growth hormones can have adverse effects on human beings. You might have more allergic reactions, uncontrolled weight gain and possible illnesses from the grain-fed cattle.
To avoid the risks, choose grass-fed beef from Lamberts Fresh Produce market in Townsville, QLD, Australia. Grass-fed beef also contains conjugated linoleic acid that fights off cancer. The meat has 3-5 times more CLA than conventional meats.

Grass-Fed Beef Tastes Better

Probably one of the most notable advantages of grass fed beef is that it tastes much better. The meat has a unique earthy flavour and is juicier, tender and more flavorful than grain-fed beef.
A study conducted by HuffPost Taste compared the taste of small farm grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef found in supermarkets, and the general view was that grain-fed meat had minimal flavours and not very distinguishable.
It had a generic taste, just like a typical old school burger, but nothing exciting or unique. The grass-fed beef had a unique flavour and an earthly or grassy taste, juicier and tender. For someone who takes grass-fed meat, switching to convectional options is a put-off.

Healthier Environment

Conventional beef cattle stay in large numbers in sheds leading to increased green gas emissions. Grass-fed cattle roam freely in the fields, eat the grass and fertilise the pastures improving the biodiversity and the ecosystem.
It also gives you more peace of mind knowing that you’re feeding your family healthy foods. The Lamberts Fresh Produce market in Townsville, QLD Australia, is an ideal place to get all your nutritional beef needs met. You can visit the Townsville farmers market any day of the week and get fresh from the farm beef cuts.
You’ll love everything in the family-owned local farmers market, from the cheerful team, clean and neat environment and fresh produce. The prices are pretty affordable and competitive as well.


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