Lamberts Fresh Produce, a vital part of the community since 1901, began its journey with humble origins in Brisbane, selling hay, potatoes, pumpkins, and onions. Over the years, this small enterprise has transformed into Townsville’s largest farmers market—a remarkable achievement indeed. With a legacy spanning 123 years in 2024, including 83 years of dedicated service in Townsville, Lamberts demonstrates a deep understanding of their trade.

At Lamberts, we take pride in our in-house meat department, where a team of over 20 locally-trained Townsville butchers, meat and chicken handlers, and apprentices works tirelessly seven days a week. Our offerings include delectable grass-fed Bingil Bay beef, renowned wood-smoked ham, premium beef and lamb, chicken products, and smallgoods.

Experience the difference at Lamberts, where you’ll savor superior taste and enjoy enhanced value through larger harvests and local suppliers. Our commitment to providing a diverse selection from truly seasonal conditions stems from years of experience as a local fruiterer, fostering close relationships with farmers and their produce.

Our passion for excellent food not only unites families and supports communities but also sustains farmers’ livelihoods. Beyond the benefits to our bodies, it brings joy to our taste buds.

What sets us apart? We uphold the traditions of exceptional customer service while ensuring top-quality, affordable fresh produce for all. Our meat department, staffed by 20 skilled butchers and chicken technicians, offers signature wood-smoked ham and smallgoods that will tantalize your taste buds. Moreover, we consistently provide the best in-season produce, delivering genuine value for your money when you shop in-season.

But that’s not all! Lamberts is also home to adjacent Stockfeed and Gardening Departments, offering a variety of seeds, plants, seedlings, stock feed, mulch, fertilisers, firewood, and pet-related products. For a truly unique shopping experience, explore our selection of chickens, ducks, and birds available for purchase.

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