Townsville's Largest Farmers' Market

About Us

OPEN 7 DAYS: 6 AM - 6 PM

Lamberts Fresh Produce, a vital part of the community since 1901, began its journey with humble origins in Brisbane, selling hay, potatoes, pumpkins, and onions.

Lamberts Produce was started by William & George Lambert iin the Roma Street Markets in Brisbane. Originally selling heavy produce (pumpkin, potatoes and onions) and hay.
We headed north. Lamberts Produce in Townsville was opened.
Lamberts Produce was owned and operated by the well-known Townsville family, the Askern brothers, Tom, Bob and John.
Local businessman Keith Hegarty with his wife Rhonda bought the business from the Askern brothers, joining in business partnership with John Silane and David Jang.
The Burge and Kennedy families purchased the business, retaining its historic name Lamberts Produce. Vision and drive resulted in a transformation of the business, creating the business marketplace it is today, selling chicken (and value-added products), meat and ham and bacon all made at Lamberts, and an extensive range of fresh produce, stock feed, plants and live animals.

Serving Townsville since 1901.

Over the years, this small enterprise has transformed into Townsville’s largest farmers’ market—a remarkable achievement indeed. With a legacy spanning 123 years in 2024, including 83 years of dedicated service in Townsville, Lamberts demonstrates a deep understanding of their trade.

At Lamberts, we take pride in our in-house meat department, where a team of over 20 locally-trained Townsville butchers, meat and chicken handlers, and apprentices works tirelessly seven days a week. Our offerings include delectable grass-fed Bingil Bay beef, renowned wood-smoked ham, premium beef and lamb, chicken products, and smallgoods.

...To what it is today

Along with all Lamberts team members, Michael and Christine Burge share a genuine passion for ‘fresh produce’ and will continue to grow and improve Lamberts Produce for the people of Townsville and surrounds.