There’s an overlap of growing regions for Eggplant too, with produce coming in locally from North Queensland and the South Australian season just starting. Part of the Nightshade family, you can cook Eggplant over an open flame or roast to really enhance and add a smoky flavour to this healthy vegetable.

Eggplant, known for its versatility and mild, earthy flavour, is the perfect ingredient to elevate your dishes. Whether you’re roasting it to a smoky tenderness, grilling for a delightful smokiness, or using it as the star in a hearty vegetarian meal, eggplant adds a unique depth and texture to your culinary creations.

Embrace the possibilities of this vibrant and nutritious vegetable in your kitchen. From classic eggplant Parmesan to creative stir-fries and dips, our eggplants are ready to become your canvas for culinary artistry. Discover the endless potential of eggplant in your cooking.